The marketplace is rapidly evolving. An estimated 200 million consumers avoid allergens or ingredients, have a dietary medical need, or follow a special lifestyle diet that affects their food purchase decisions. Sifter's smart data and artificial intelligence enhance product discovery and motivate these shoppers to buy.

The Problem

Shoppers are interested in finding foods that match their dietary, medical and lifestyle preferences, but the search can be confusing and time-consuming. And many brands fail to keep product data current or complete enough to satisfy increasingly discerning consumers.

The Sifter Solution

Sifter makes it easy for shoppers to find brands that fit their diet and lifestyle preferences. Our fast, accurate search engine is designed to match shoppers' personal dietary needs down to your brand's UPCs.

Products and Benefits for Food & Supplement Brands

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Advertising and Merchandising

Today’s consumers expect a personalized shopping experience. Sifter connects your brand to shoppers' personal diet and lifestyle preferences, driving product discovery and incremental purchase.

  • Brand Stories
    Every company has a story, and that's important to consumers. Your brand story, featured on Sifter and appended to your product detail, gives you an edge. Showcase your brand's values and people. Sifter can even provide a video.
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  • Targeted Advertising
    Sifter offers targeted advertising programs across our virtual aisles and special sections. Ad personalization connects your brands to shoppers' dietary needs, increasing brand sales and ROAS.
  • Sponsored Merchandising
    We'll work with you to merchandise your brand across key seasonal promotional periods to ensure increased shopper engagement and brand lift.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Links
    Sell direct to Sifter shoppers based on their dietary profile. Connect with motivated buyers aligned with your product features.
  • Newsletter & Social Media
    Activate your brand across all of our media touchpoints to keep shoppers engaged with your company and products.

SifterLabs Shopper View

Fast, accurate, complete nutritional data analysis across 130+ dietary filters (SiftTags). Assess existing and new product formulations based on how shoppers view your products compared to competition. SifterLabs scores your brand recipes with a complete Nutrition Fact Panel and nutrient analysis in a user-friendly graphic format.
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Case Study
"Sifter gives our shoppers trust, gives retailers a tool, and gives us support in delivering on our brand promise."
Maggie Seng Sadowsky
President, 8 Track Foods
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