Leading Non-profit Chooses Sifter for Food Allergy Community

FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) is the nation’s leading nonprofit engaged in food allergy advocacy as well as the largest private funder of food allergy research. Through its innovative education, advocacy, and research initiatives, FARE strives to improve the quality of life and health for those with food allergies.

The Situation

Food allergies and intolerances are a large and growing public health concern with more than 85 million Americans dealing with some type of food avoidance issue. In some cases, this can be life threatening. Once a food allergy is diagnosed by an allergist, the most effective treatment is to avoid the problem ingredient(s). This makes grocery shopping extremely difficult and time-consuming—even more so for the many food-avoidance individuals also dealing with other diet-related health conditions. FARE recognized this challenge and sought to find tools that would help its members analyze information on food labels and facilitate better food decision-making when grocery shopping.

The Sifter Solution

The Sifter Shop By Diet platform provided the answer. FARE adopted it as their own branded shopping tool, allowing FARE members to create a diet profile using any combination of hundreds of dietary filters, including the top 9 allergens and more than 50 ingredients to exclude when shopping. Sifter’s dietitian-validated technology then "sifts" through a database of thousands of grocery store products to find foods that match the member's food avoidance and dietary needs. Sifter provides the first set of eyes that can identify a wider variety of food options to select from.

FARE’s goal is to offer options that make it easy to shop, whether from home or in store. Sifter’s mobile scanning feature lets members use their smartphone to scan food barcodes for suitability when shopping at their favorite grocer. A red X means no, a green checkmark means the food is okay—pending review of the actual food label. This new capability builds confidence, speeds up the shopping experience, and opens up product discovery to many more suitable foods that may have been avoided previously.

The Shop By Diet platform is designed to take the anxiety out of grocery shopping. FARE is promoting its new tool on the FARE website and through a staged email and social media education campaign.

"...We are confident that the Sifter platform, and FARE’s support of its use as a tool for food shopping, will greatly enhance the grocery shopping experience. We welcome Sifter’s technology as meeting a voiced need in the food allergy community...”
– Sung Poblete, RN, PhD and CEO of FARE; December 16, 2022
Key Facts

FARE compiles important facts and statistics that illuminate the prevalence and impact of food allergies in the U.S.

Researchers estimate that 5.6 million children under age 18 have food allergies. That’s one in 13 children, or roughly two in every classroom.
About 40 percent of children with food allergies are allergic to more than one food.
Caring for children with food allergies costs U.S. families nearly $25 billion annually.
Bottom Line: What Sifter can do for YOU
While most food allergies arise in childhood, at least 15 percent of patients with food allergies are first diagnosed in adulthood. More than one in four adults with food allergies report that all of their food allergies developed during adulthood.
There is no cure for food allergy. Food allergies are managed by avoiding the problem food(s) and learning to recognize symptoms and treat reactions.

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