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Create Diet Profiles with any combination of more than 130 dietary SiftTags

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Lifestyle Diets

Keto, Vegan, Dash, Low Sodium, Low Sugar, Mediterranean, etc.
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Allergens & Concerns

Gluten, Sesame, Dairy, Soy, Tree Nuts, etc.
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Health Diets

Celiac, Diabetes, FODMAP, Heart & Blood Pressure Health, etc.
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Antibiotics, Statins, Antihypertensives, Tamoxifen, Bisphosphonates, etc.
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Responsible Practices

Grassfed, Hormone Free, Fair Trade, etc.
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Exclude Any Specific Ingredients

Dislike garlic? Can't eat onions? Exclude that specific ingredient.
Mix and Match

any of these SiftTags as well as individual ingredients you want excluded in a diet.

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  • Dietary Product Search
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  • 1,000 API calls per month
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  • Dietary Product Search
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  • Sifter Labs Insights
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Growth Plan

For mature businesses who have more customers and need scalability.
  • Dietary Product Search
  • Product Detail
  • Retailer Links
  • 100,000 API calls per month
  • 10,000 RecipeSifter calls per month
  • 20,000 My Diets
  • 10 Retail Store Locations
  • Sifter Labs Insights
  • Unlimited Technical Support

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Examples of how Sifter can integrate into your application

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Example 1:Search for Tomato Sauce that is Organic and Celiac compatible
Returning only products that match these criteria including product descriptions and images.

See an API Code Example

Example 2:Search for all Kraft products that are Keto, Antibiotics compatible and Clean-Style 
Returning only products that match these criteria including product descriptions and images.

Complete Product Detail

Submit a UPC code to return complete product details
Send: A UPC code
Returning:  All product information including Sifter SiftTag
Wellness groups and image URLs.

See an API code example

Screen shot of Sifter Item Detail

"For You"

Show the customer what products in their search are compatible with their Personal Diet
Send: A set of up to 30 UPCs and Wellness Groups matching a Personal Diet

Returning: The UPCs with a TRUE/FALSE flag indicating compatibility with the Wellness Groups

See an API code example

Scan By Diet

Watch the Video

Scan a barcode to see if it is compatible with your diet.
Send: A UPC Code
Returning:  TRUE/FALSE indicating compatibility with the MyDiet profile.

See an API code example

See it in action. Visit

Tell me what Retailers carry a product by zip code

For a Zip Code and UPC, what retailers sell this product
Returning: Retailer names and buy links

See an API code example

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