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Personalize the experience across all touchpoints to make it easy for diet-driven shoppers to discover products that fit their needs. Sifter provides retailers a complete smart data and artificial intelligence platform for online and in-store shopping.
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The Problem

Personalization. Your shoppers have complex dietary needs that require a fast, scientifically accurate way to connect their nutrition preferences to products in your store.

The Sifter Solution

Sifter enables shoppers to view grocery products and supplements that match their self-defined dietary needs across allergens, medical diets, responsible practices and lifestyle preferences.

Products and Benefits for Food Retailers

Scan By Diet

Sifter's Scan By Diet™ integrates with your current mobile app to empower shoppers to scan product UPCs and shelf tags for fit to personal dietary needs. Scan By Diet is an omnichannel solution that adds convenience and increases shopper loyalty.

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Personal Health Aisle

Personal Health Aisle is a white-label solution using a seamless, simple link. Your product array is curated into a personalized Shop-by-Diet tool driven by Sifter's advanced science.

See Sifter's Shop-by-Diet tool in action

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SifterLabs provides complete dietary attribution for your food and supplement products, including private label. See how your products compare against other leading brands across 130 dietary filters, including allergens, health and lifestyle diets, medications, and responsible practices.
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“Private brands are analyzed using the same algorithms along with major brands... For example, a branded yogurt may identify as gluten-free. Yet the private brand may not identify this on a package. Sifter’s technology and algorithms factor in package information, naturally-occurring and ingredient line sources of information, and allergen statements to determine that both products contain no gluten. This levels the playing field for private brands in a way that’s not been done before.”

Judy Seybold, MS, RD, LD, CLC Walmart helps shoppers ‘Shop by Diet’ through new digital platform

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