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Connect clients, patients and employees with products and recipes that fit your diet recommendations. Deliver on the "food as medicine" health trend by providing counseling and programs using Sifter's accurate, science-based product database.

The Problem

Nutrition science continues to advance the concept of food as medicine. This is driving a rise in science-based nutrition services that support far more precise dietary recommendations. Connecting these recommendations to specific, qualified products is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

The Sifter Solution

Sifter Professional is a nutrition service suite that empowers individual practitioners, employers, health and fitness organizations with a new level of product transparency. It translates evidence-based nutrition science into insights at the product level to help clients, patients and employees reach their health goals with greater confidence. Sifter Professional also connects your diet recommendations to the right products at the time they are needed—when shopping, cooking and meal planning.

Products and Benefits for Health & Fitness Providers

Sifter Professional / Practitioners

Built for dietitians, medical professionals and fitness coaches to help you achieve a deeper level of engagement with your clients, patients or employees. Network benefits include:

  • Listing in the Sifter Professional Network directory that connects interested shoppers with your practice.
  • Counseling support tools to help your clients discover a wider variety of foods that comply with your dietary guidance.
  • CEU educational sessions throughout the year on trending nutrition topics.
  • Opportunity for a co-branded version of the platform for your business.
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Sifter Professional / Enterprise

The Enterprise program is built for health, fitness and employee organizations to help people live their best life. 

  • Sifter Connect APIs & Portable Profile: Empower your clients, patients or employees to shop from any food retailer or food platform (such as recipe and meal planning apps) by enabling your personalized branded diet recommendations to travel within the Sifter Personal Profile.
  • White Label Site: Enable your clients, patients or employees to shop directly from your business website with your own branded shop-by-diet shopping platform. Connect recommended diets to specific food products with a new level of precision. Add shoppable ingredients to recommended recipes that provide full transparency, a nutrition fact panel, and fit with a personal diet.

Quotes from Registered Dietitians

"We recommend leaning on, created by registered dietitians and technologists that helps you "sift" through all of the groceries available based on your restrictions, leaving you with safe options for you to enjoy during this journey. Trust us, this is much easier to do than wander through the grocery aisles scouring over every food label with baby in tow."
Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, CLEC, and Meghan McMillin, MS, RDN, IBCLC, from their book, Avoiding Allergens While Breastfeeding
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"In today’s world of flip-flopping headlines, it can be a challenge to guide clients to the healthiest foods for their personal needs. Let Sifter be the RDN's guide to personalized nutrition. Sifter makes it easy to identify and purchase all the foods and beverages needed to meet your clients' health concerns and goals. Let the nutrition professionals at Sifter be your partner to improve the health and wellness of your clients."
Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RDN, LD
"Sifter is a great tool for RDs who may not be as familiar with foods free from certain food allergens. Most importantly, they can empower their clients to find suitable products themselves by using Sifter."
Carina Venter, PhD, RD
"If you're a dietitian, you'll find that Sifter can revolutionize the way you counsel and support your patients. With a click of a mouse, you and your patients will be astounded at how fast and easy it is to find food products that fit specific eating patterns, dietary requirements and medical conditions. Grocery shopping has changed – for the better!"
Amy Campbell, MS, RDN, LDN, CDCES

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