Recipe/Meal Platforms

Half of Americans cook at home 3-6 times each week, and more than a third cook every day for health and affordability reasons. Help your customers prepare recipes with the right ingredients that fit their diet. Ensure recipes fit their personalized food plan.

The Problem

Two-thirds of Americans follow some type of special eating plan. These diet-driven consumers have a hard time figuring out if a recipe is suitable for their diet need or food restrictions. That’s because recipes don’t come with adequate product transparency or a mandatory nutrition facts statement.

The Sifter Solution

RecipeSifter’s science-based technology evaluates each recipe ingredient against a desired dietary profile and identifies those that match. And it makes each item shoppable or swappable. This gives recipe providers and meal planners a formidable new tool for engaging customers, and gives consumers the dietary guidance necessary to reach personal health goals.

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