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Scan By Diet™

Unlock revenue and increase loyalty. Breakthrough scanning technology empowers your health-focused shoppers to instantly see if a food fits their diet.

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Health-driven shoppers are a vast, underserved market



of shoppers
buy their groceries mostly or only in person (Advantage)



of shoppers
are actively seeking more personalized nutrition (Deloitte)



of shoppers
will pay extra for “the right foods” that bolster their health and wellness (Deloitte)


How Scan By Diet works on your platform

With Scan By Diet technology, your in-store shoppers can use their smartphone to scan product barcodes and learn, in an instant, whether the food fits their selected diet. A green checkmark is displayed when the product fits; a red X means it doesn't.
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Your in-store customer chooses from hundreds of diet filters, in any combination.


Customer shops your grocery aisles, searching for foods that match their diet.


Customer scans the barcode to see if the food matches.


A match! Happy customer adds the product to their cart.

Technology that matches food to diets

Even shoppers with complex diet needs—say, a gluten intolerance plus diabetes and a dairy allergy—can determine on the spot whether a food is a match.Moreover, every scan provides an explanation of what diets are met—and which ones aren't.

Our unique technology is highly adaptable to any existing customer engagement platform. With Sifter inside, you can count on significantly enhanced platform performance.

Open up the buying power of your health-driven shoppers

Health shoppers are a large, growing, and important part of the marketplace. They seek foods that support their unique health profile—and often shop for families with complex health needs. But deciphering food labels in the grocery aisle is time-consuming.

That's why we built Scan By Diet, mobile scanning technology that delivers improved transparency and more detailed product information, making it super easy for your customers to find the right foods at the right time—while shopping in store. 

When you give your customers a satisfying, personalized shopping experience, you build loyalty—and keep them coming back. 

"There is nothing quite as powerful as an RDN personally walking a customer through the aisles and educating them on healthy shopping and eating. But scaling that experience takes technology. The best apps can accommodate health profiles with data from multiple sources and keep nutrition guidance simple."
- Deloitte Insights


Let us show you how easy it is

The Scan By Diet personalized shopping experience reduces customer churn and encourages returning shoppers to discover and buy more foods that fit their health and wellness needs. Contact us now to see how Scan By Diet functionality can revolutionize your customer's shopping experience. It's easy, fast, and cost-effective.