Making healthy eating easy for everyone

Grocery shopping is complicated. Your child has a peanut allergy. Your partner is a vegetarian who avoids gluten. You have digestive issues—and high cholesterol. It's hard to figure out which foods to buy!

That’s why we created Sifter, the powerful technology that makes it easy to find the right foods for your complex diet needs.

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Scan By Diet

If you prefer to shop in-store, the Sifter Scan By Diet™ feature deciphers product labels on the spot.

Not sure if a salad dressing will work with your food allergy? Or whether that can of soup is really gluten-free? Use Scan By Diet and your smartphone to find out. Select your diet and allergen filters, then scan any food or supplement barcode.

Green means the product fits; red means it doesn't.

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Meal preparation can be tough if you have family members or guests with food allergies or special diet needs.

RecipeSifter to the rescue! Simply copy and paste any recipe URL, and RecipeSifter will show you instantly whether the ingredients align with the diet and allergen filters you've selected. Better yet, you can swap ingredients to make the recipe work with your eating preferences.

Sift a Recipe

Your diet. Your way.

Hundreds of diet filters. Unlimited combinations.

Once you've selected your filters, Sifter technology "sifts" through thousands of product ingredients and nutrition panels to find foods—in an instant—that match your preferences, no matter how complex. Even if you've selected multiple filters, the search result is accurate, consistent, and super fast.
Try out one of these filters now!
Artificial Colors - NoneClean-styleDASH DietFODMAP - LowGluten FreeImmune SupportOrganicKeto-StyleSodium - LowVeganJewish-Style (Kosher)Dairy - NoneEggs - NoneFish - NoneNuts - NoneShellfish - NoneMammalian Meat - NoneBlood Pressure HealthMood - ManagingDiabetesHeart HealthBone HealthCholesterol Health AntihypertensivesColon HealthCeliac (No Gluten)Hormone Free Fair TradeDiabetes + Gluten-Free + VeganEggs-None + Dairy-None + HalalPescatarian + GoutSift Away!

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